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Company Profile

Welcome to ZHONGXIA GROUP is specialized in the personal safety and security since 2009. We are one of largest Security Equipment Corporation in China, providing police-strength protection to consumers and law enforcement alike, all across the globe. 

Our product range includes:
Stun Gun
Pepper Spray
Hand & Leg Cuff
Gear & Apparel
Police Equipment

Our mission is you and your family‘s safety and security. In today‘s highly unpredictable world, the most important ingredient for peaceful life is SAFETY. No matter where you go: school, street, shopping mall, camping, work or even just walk around your own driveway, neighborhood or your home, there is always a potential for danger. The news continuously reminds us of the horrors that occur in all these areas all over the world. Sexual assault, kidnapping, missing children, murder, break-in, robbery, and many more terrors happen frequently and when we least expect it. Having the right protection can dramatically decrease your chances of being harmed during these occurrences. 
Do not become a statistic. Protect yourself with the best self defense equipment from

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