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Stun Gun

Shock Baton

Model  : Z-1109
Brand  : ZOSIA
Origin : China
Volts  : 20 Million
Color  : Black
Packing: Carton
Size   : 14.4 x 1.4 inch
  • No matter what part of the world you reside in, danger is always just around the corner. You can‘t always be in the range of safety, thus carrying a self-defense tool becomes quite important. The Stun Baton is just the tool to help you deter attackers and protect you if assaulted.

    The aluminum alloy baton is 14.4” long, allowing you to keep at a safe distance while being able to defend yourself. To make the tactical baton even more powerful, spikes have been added at the top for a painful blow. The baton also features a 20 million volt stun gun and a strobe light that offers a blinding effect when directed at the eyes of an attacker.

    The ZOSIA uses Triple Stun Technology, wherein it employs three different points at the top of the baton to create a larger radius of electric current flow. The LED flashlight offers three settings that can be adjusted as needed. Utilizing at 100% or in flashing mode can blind your attacker for a couple of minutes, allowing you enough time to make your next move.

    If you wish to conserve battery, use the flashlight at 50%. The stun baton flashlight is rechargeable via a standard wall outlet. The baton can clip to your belt for easy carrying or be held around the wrist using the attached lanyard. Be prepared for any unexpected emergency or assault.

    20 million volt concealed stun gun
    Heavy-duty aircraft-grade aluminum construction
    Metal probes hide contact points from sight
    The sound and sight of the electricity is enough to scare attackers off
    Emits 120 lumens of light from its powerful CREE LED bulb
    Enhanced aluminum reflector system for a powerful beam of light
    Bulb life of up to 100,000 hours
    Ultra bright LED flashlight will blind attackers
    Swift one hand operation of all functions
    Long baton keeps you at a safe distance while spiked top offers a powerful blow
    Included car and home charging cords make it easy to recharge
    On/off safety switch feature
    Triple level safety to prevent accidental battery discharge
    Safety switch to prevent accidental discharges
    Firm rubber grip and key chain for carrying on your hip
    Has emergency glass breaker bezel
    Perfect tool to have in your car

    Note: MUST charge stun gun for 8 HOURS when you receive it. It will not operate properly until fully charged. 
              Successful charging will show a green light on the charging indicator, however the charging indicator light may vary in color.

    What‘s Included:
    Recharging cord
    Key Chain
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