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Professional Team:
ZHONGXIA GROUP have a professional team including sales, technicians, QC, after-sale service will alway be there for you. ZHONGXIA GROUP‘s team members that they are knowledge, experienced, diligent and creative. With our wide range of high quality products and better services. 

Extensive Experience:
With pride, strengthened by our experience, we can customize the products based on the working of Customers, improving times and production costs.

Excellent Customer Service:
ZHONGXIA GROUP‘s team memebers includes qualified sales specialists and highly trained technical professional to help provide quick service and the best quality of work in order to meet our customers needs.

Variety Products:
ZHONGXIA GROUP is specialized in the personal safety and security since 2009. We are one of largest Security Equipment Corporation in China, providing police-strength protection to consumers and law enforcement alike, all across the globe. We have cpmplete production line to make variety products which includes: Stun Gun, Pepper Spray, Baton, Hand & Leg Cuff, Gear & Apparel, Police Equipment. OEM is available for customers. You can one-stop purchase.

Latest Technology:
The constant commitment to product research allows us to be one step ahead of the market, we want to amaze the Customers who use our products with innovative solutions that allow to face the most diffcult challenges in any application of personal safety and security.

Consistent Quality:
All ZHONGXIA GROUP‘s products are manufactured with the highest standards and undergo a strict quality control process to achieve durability with minimal maintenance. Our dedication to the highest quality products and services have establish excellent trade relations with customers from all over the world. 

After-sale Service:
ZHONGXIA GROUP is always at your service, ready to accept new challenges and reply to any operational need.
Company Principles:
Excelling in the production and provide immediate and qualified after sale service to our Customers  are the guiding principles of our philosophy. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, through technological innovation we aim to improving life in the production processes of companies. With pride, strengthened by our experience, we can customize the products based on the working of customers, improving surprisingly times and production costs.
Our challenge is not only “DOING” but “DOING ALWAYS THE BEST”.

Work with us:
Customer satisfaction is our top priority.In order to pursue our goal we are constantly looking for qualified and eager employees to join the ZHONGXIA GROUP.The contribution and the reliability of each employee and teamwork are essential to facilitating an expansion aimed to provide a technical and commercial service even better, where labor relations, reliability and friendship intersect to generate trust.

ZHONGXIA GROUP warmly welcomes all customers to visit and cooperate. We look forward to all our customers supreme expectations in order to maintain our well standing reputation.
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